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Free Up Storage On iphone

Effective Techniques to Free up

 Space on Your iPhone

When you purchase a new iPhone, you are exited of the amount of space available. You start installing app, downloading videos, recording audio files and other kinds of activities. A month later, you are shocked that you no longer have the space in your iPhone. This is what mainly happens to many people. People who are not watchful of their activities are likely to have their phone storage consumed up as a result of their own activities. You should be very careful on what input you drain into your iPhone. Otherwise you will miss to capture a memorable event as a result of space unavailability in your iPhone.

There are different effective techniques that you can use to secure space in your iPhone. However, prevention is better that cure. Or rather, it is better to prevent something rather than deal with it consequences. You should therefore be watchful of activities that are likely to eat up space on your iPhone and avoid them. This way, you will not struggle looking for tools and softwares to free up space on your iPhone. These behaviors are for instance;


Avoid Streaming of Photos

Streaming results to synchronization of more than 1000 photosin many iOS devices. After synchronizingthem, many devices stores them in their memory. This ends up occupying a very large space in the iPhone memory. Some also stores them twice the amount synchronized. Therefore, if a thousand files were synchronized, then two thousands will be stored in your iPhone memory. This is a large space which can interfere with normal operational of the iPhone. Thus, avoid photo streaming.

Free Space iPhone

Set your iPhone to Automatically to Delete Expired messages

Sometimes, you may not have the time to regularly check and delete messages in your iPhone. You should therefore set a certain limit after which when reached older messages are deleted. For instance, you can set to delete seven days older messages every Sunday. This will ensure that these messages will be trashed hence preventing their accumulation in the iPhones memory.

Support you iPhone Memory with External Devices

Some iPhones especially those designed some time back have limited storage capacity in them. They thus keep on getting filled up by very little amount of data. It is advisable to boost such capacities with external devices such as Memory cards, hard drives, USBs among others. This will prevent them from regularly getting filled up thus boosting the effectiveness of your iPhone.
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